Leader of Bad Guy

The Leader of Bad Guys seen here holding the Nuclear Missle Bomb

The Leader of Bad Guy has a gravelly voice and a thick foreign accent. He has an eyepatch and wears a nice suit. This means he is Leader of Bad Guy.

Moments Before...Edit

After Fox-club niner picks up 500 sheets of wide-ruled notebook paper, he enters what appears to be an airplane hangar through the back door. There, he walks up in front of Leader of Bad Guy and demands the Nuclear missile-bomb.

The Build-upEdit

At first the Leader of Bad Guy is reluctant to give up his Nuclear missile-bomb.

The Shocking ClimaxEdit

After a long discussion; the Leader of Bad Guy admits his defeat as he hands over the Nuclear missile-bomb. He then bursts into tears as Fox-club niner celebrates.


I have a gravelly voice with a big foreign accent. I have an eyepatch and I wear a nice suit. That means I am Leader of Bad Guy. I hold the Nuclear missile-bomb. I will never give the Nuclear-missile bomb to you!

The Leader's welcoming Fox-club niner with the specifics.

Okay! USA is dominate! I am crying tears! I am crying tears!

The Leader gives up without violence.