The Jeep Driver is a Bad Guy i
Ally die

The Jeep Driver in his Jeep, happily running over the Ally.

n Duty Calls: The Calm Before the Storm.


The Jeep Driver drives around in a jeep, picking up other Bad Guys and dropping them off to their destinations. This seemed boring for him, until he killed the Ally by running him over.


The Ally's death angered Fox-club niner so much, everything goes into slow motion and Fox-club niner pumps a lot of bullets from his M4 onto him, killing him and blowing up his Jeep.


  • In the entire game, he is the only character who operates a vehicle.
  • The jeep he drives is apparently carrying valuable cargo or is itself valuable, for it appears to be rigged to explode as soon as its driver dies. After the explosion, it is impossible to examine the jeep for valuables, so viewing the game files is required to verify this.


You can not stop me unless the game goes into slow-motion and for some reason I become easy to shoot. (slow motion starts) Oh no!

Jeep Driver's last and only words before Fox-club niner kills him.