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Fox-club niner in the ending of the game.

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Fox-club niner is the playable protagonist in Duty Calls: The Calm Before the Storm. He uses a M4 and fights through the Real-life war scenario in Kemerovo, Russia to get the Leader of Bad Guys, who carries a Nuclear missile-bomb.

His AppearanceEdit

He wears green gloves, a bullet proof vest, a helmet, and military sweater and pants. Except the glove, they are all in the color camo blue.


Fox-club niner appears to be bored by the fact that he has to keep shooting enemies in random places, as evidenced by him saying "Boring!" everytime he shoots an enemy.


He ranks up once and becomes a "Master Sergeant Shooter Person" after killing his first enemy.

He then becomes a "Master Sergeant Shooter Sergeant Person" after killing his third enemy.

He then becomes a "Sergeant Sergeant Master Sergeant Shooter Person" after killing the Jeep Driver.

He then becomes a "Master Sergeant Shooter Sergeant Important Person Of Sergeants Extreme" after killing an enemy.

He then becomes a "Sergeant Of The Master Sergeants Most Important Person Of Extreme Sergeants To The Max!" after killing the Paratrooper.

However, killing some enemies is optional, so he does not have to attain the maximum rank.

His StoryEdit

He started as a boy going into a real life war scenario. He killed a few enemies, then saw his friend die, then destroyed a jeep, then killed a paratrooper, then got the Nuclear missile-bomb off the Leader of Bad Guys, then came out a man.


Give the Nuclear missile-bomb to us, Leader/Enemy Boss, and then put your hands up.

Fox-club niner demands the Nuclear missile-bomb.


Fox-club niner seems to have emotion in the game.


  • In the Call of Duty series, Fox-club Niner would likely be a team name. Fox-club Niner One is a more probable callsign for this soldier.
  • The only time you can see what he looks like is in the ending.
  • As well, he has some kind of dialogue in the ending.