Duty Calls: The Calm Before the Storm is the title of the first Duty Calls game.


It takes place in Kemerovo, Russia, and focuses around single soldier's attempt to retrieve the nuclear missile-bomb from Leader of Bad Guys.

On the way you find many useful items such as a "meaningless stick" and go up through the ranks of the military through hard work and devotion to the cause of which you are fighting for.

The plot is immensely better than any other game that has been made and truly astonishes players to this day...


Once you have completed the game, or more specifically after the patriotic music, type in the secret code by pressing alt+ctrl+F12. poop

You will then have to type the code...


And after this, you will go onto a screen where you can select 3 things...




In multiplayer, there are 2 teams, good guys, and bad guys.

As the good guys, you need to get into the enemies base, much like single player and retrieve the Super Nuclear Toxic Bomb to win.

However, as the bad guys, there is one player who plays as the leader of the bad guys who has about 500 health and the bad guys only have 100 health.

As a bad guy you need to protect the leader of bad guys from the good guys to win. You need to keep the Super Nuclear Toxic Bomb in your base or else USA is dominate and the bad guys will loose.

In inventory, you can select which gun to use. Instead of the normal "Boring", you can have "Kapooya!" or "Ye boi" etc.

You get different guns by playing and getting kills (Much like TF2).

You can also get cosmetic items such as a tophat, an eyepatch, or a big belly.

And finally you can get different voices.

(Leader of bad guys voice, Foxtrot niners voice, the announcer voice, the normal bad guy voice, and amazingly a Snoop Dogg voice!)

And in settings you can change the Gamma, screen width and height and your sensitivity.


This is a parody. It is not associated with Activision or the Call of Duty games. this is better than call of duty in every way


It is a free online game you can download from the internet. It is not on the PS3, Xbox 360 or even the Wii, just the PC. That means there is no box cover for the game.

Release DateEdit

The game has come out in February 2011.


The game has been released by Epic Games, the maker of the Gears of War and Unreal games, for marketing purposes in order to promote one of their games, Bulletstorm. It was meant to parody Call of Duty and include many other cliches from many other FPS games.


After you finish the game, you are given the chance to enter multiplayer by using the steps above.


Development of a sequel has been teased by Epic Games but has not been confirmed.


W- Walk Forward

S- Walk Backward

A- Strafe Left

D- Strafe Right

Left Mouse Button- Boring

Comedy Edit

This game is pretty funny if you play call of duty a lot and compare it to Duty Calls And you will probably laugh when you finish the game.


The software downloading site Softonic gave the game a 7 out of 10, with the pros being the "Good Jokes" and "Simple Controls", but the cons being "Very Short" and "Big Download".


Want to try this game out? Well then go to this link and play the game!

Even though it failed to work for me (Virus/Doesn't work)

Just make sure you have at least 700MB in your hard drive for this game. (Doesn't Work)

Differences From Other FPS'sEdit

  • You can not die in Duty Calls because the enemies will shoot only a few bullets at you, then just stop.
  • There is only one weapon that can be used unlike other games that allow you to pick up enemies' weapons or have different starting weapons.
  • There is a much better multiplayer in Duty calls than any other FPS to date
  • The game only has one mission and one location, making it a very short game.
  • There is no room for error in this game. No bombs to defuse, no breaching sequences, no hostage rescue.
  • If you're not a dumb player, you will never run out of ammo in this game because the enemies are very easy to kill compared to other games' enemies.
  • There is no difficulty selection in Duty Calls.


This is an in depth tutorial on how to get through the game and also shows you how to get the most out of this game using tactics that have been proven to work by famous gamer "FaZe Apex"

In the mind of a normal human being02:51

In the mind of a normal human being

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