The first Bad Guy you meet.

Bad Guys are the enemies of the game Duty Calls. They carry AK-47s and scream out a few quotes. Only some attack, but most stand still. They take only 2 shots to kill.


To prevent Fox-club niner from getting to their leader and taking the Nuclear missile-bomb canister, they try to kill him and anyone else helping him.


Bad guys wear the usual bulletproof vest and green clothing. They
Enemy jeep

The Bad Guy driving a jeep.

carry AK-47s and one drives a Jeep. Another uses a parachute.

Behavior and SkillsEdit

They hide behind objects, wait for the player, then jump out, and say a quote like: "I am an enemy, look another enemy, and another enemy, it is another enemy." After they say this, they usually stand there, but some will shoot, making the game more realistic. They will shoot only a few bullets before stopping. The player can walk past most of them (some enemies must be killed in order to progress), but they do nothing about it.


I am an enemy.

The first Bad Guy's words.

I am an enemy too.

The second Bad Guy, who actually shoots at Fox-club niner.

I am also an enemy.

The third Bad Guy, nothing special about him.

I am yet another enemy.

The fourth Bad Guy, who is a ripoff of the third Bad Guy.

I am also an enemy.

The fifth and last generic Bad Guy in the game.