The ally is your only friend in the game. He wears a helmet and a bulletproof vest, both of which are camo blue. He is a part of a major cut-scene. Unprepared for the Real-life war scenario, he has no gun at all. He sadly dies by getting run over by the Jeep Driver, who was driving a Jeep at the moment.


He points at you and says "Hey Fox-club niner, I am going to point at you and say something important to further develop the game's storyline." After being run over by a bad guy in jeep, he then says "Ow I'm dead! Increasing the drama of the story."


He stands still, points at you, and talks in a slow boring voice.


  • He says a few more words before dying.
  • He can be seen smoking before the cut-scene.


Hey Fox-club niner. I'm gonna point at you and say something serious to further develop the game's storyline.

The Ally before getting hit by the Jeep.

Oh! I'm dead. Increasing the drama of the story.

The Ally's final words in the game.



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